The executive committee is the team that is responsible for keeping DUOS running smoothly. They work tirelessly to make sure that all the members of the orchestra can perform to their best and enjoy themselves as well. Find out who they are and what they do here.

NAME: Laura Cooper

ROLE: President


DEGREE: Music, 2nd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? The President’s main role is being responsible for the overall leadership of the society. The role also entails chairing Executive Committee meetings and representing DUOS within Music Durham, the wider University and further afield.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? DUOS has given me so many opportunities that it's hard to pick just one favourite moment. I've met like minded musicians who have become some of my best friends, attended masterclasses from world class conductors and professionals, and tour to Barcelona and Munich. It has genuinely been the best part of my university experience so far.

NAME: Charlotte Sasse

ROLE: Vice-President


DEGREE: Maths, 3rd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? As Vice President, the main responsibility is to oversee the organisation of DUOS week in June, an intense week of rehearsals and masterclasses culminating in a concert in Durham Cathedral. The VP also assists the President in her management duties and coordinates sectional rehearsals as well as masterclasses throughout the year.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? With DUOS you get the chance to perform a wide range of music – from Tchaikovsky to Schoenberg or even some jazz music – with friendly and talented musicians. That’s probably the best thing about this orchestra: the amazing opportunities it offers and the people playing in it.

NAME: Matthew Pearson

ROLE: Secretary


DEGREE: History and French, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My regular tasks include taking minutes at our weekly exec meetings, checking rehearsal attendance, and sending out newsletters to orchestra members. I also put together programmes for all of our concerts, and order stash for members of the Society.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? There are so many to choose from, but a real highlight of last year was our summer concert, playing Mahler's 5th Symphony in Durham Cathedral. It was such an incredible way to end my first year in Durham, and the 4th movement was really special - we woodwind players all cried, of course.

NAME: Gabriel Dixon-Hardy

ROLE: Treasurer


DEGREE: Maths, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Tracking the money that DUOS earns and spends, making sure we can do all the fantastic things that DUOS does. 

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? The DUOS tour to Munich last year was an amazing opportunity to play in some beautiful venues, but playing the fourth movement of Mahler's 5th Symphony in the cathedral was really special.

NAME: Kate Long

ROLE: Concert Manager


DEGREE: Politics, 3rd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My main job is essentially managing concerts! This includes booking concert venues, instruments, staging and lighting. this also means making sure everything runs smoothly on concert day - moving all percussion and instruments to the concert venue, setting up and packing down.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Can’t really beat playing Mahler 5 in the cathedral (especially as the tuba actually got to play a few solos, which doesn’t happen very often!)

NAME: Nathanael Thomas-Atkin

ROLE: Librarian


DEGREE: Music, 3rd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My Job is to help get the orchestra the parts for the pieces that we perform, as well as hand them out and make sure of their safe return.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? A difficult question! It’s either last years tour to Munich or Mahler 5 in Durham cathedral.

NAME: Zein Checri

ROLE: Patrons and Alumni Secretary

INSTRUMENT: Percussion

DEGREE: Music, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Communicating with the generous patrons of the society, organising post concert drinks receptions and helping the concert manager with percussion!

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Losing my hearing in one ear after playing Mahler in the cathedral

NAME: Gabriel Francis-Dehqani

ROLE: Sponsorship Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Finding ways to raise money for the society, be that through grants or sponsorship.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? The Peter Stark Masterclass last year!

NAME: Oonagh Taylor

ROLE: Sponsorship Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 2nd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My role as sponsorship secretary involves seeking additional funding for the society in order to facilitate opportunities such as conducting masterclasses or performing at the Sage. This means applying to University run grants as well as reaching out to companies that may be willing to support the orchestrs.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Playing the obligato horn part in Mahler 5 for the cathedral concert last year!

NAME: Sonia Bae

ROLE: Social Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Mainly planning socials and afterparties throughout the year, but also the highlight of the DUOS calendar - DUOS Ball! We're also here to make sure that everyone feels welcome in the society, ensuring that everyone is having a good time.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? There's too many to choose from really: Mackinder accidentally throwing his baton at me while conducting, first term concert, tour, Mahler 5, the Music Durham concert, and all the afterparties!

NAME: Alex Acomb

ROLE: Social Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 2nd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Organising socials, after concerts and throughout the year but also making sure people have a good time in DUOS 

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? The tour to Munich in Easter 2019 was great fun, but all the rep that we get to play is amazing. Also carrying a timpani through the streets of Durham was also an interesting experience...

NAME: Tom Walker

ROLE: Tour Manager


DEGREE: Music, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Managing the tour, including logistics and ensuring that everything goes smoothly when the orchestra gets there!

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Playing Rachmaninov's 2nd symphony in the Michaelmas concert last year.

NAME: Martha Dean

ROLE: Publicity Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 2nd year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? I organise the online publicity for DUOS, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as the posters for the concerts over the year.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Performing Mahler Symphony No.5 at the Cathedral last year was the most rewarding moment of DUOS I've experienced so far!