The executive committee is the team that is responsible for keeping DUOS running smoothly. They work tirelessly to make sure that all the members of the orchestra can perform to their best and enjoy themselves as well. Find out who they are and what they do here.

NAME: Emma Farmer

ROLE: President


DEGREE: Music and French, 3rd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? I am responsible for everything that happens in the society; this includes chairing Executive Committee meetings and audition panels, in addition to representing DUOS within Music Durham, the wider University and further afield.

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? There are too many to choose from! From playing for royalty in Durham Cathedral, to touring European cities with some of my closest friends, to simply meeting likeminded people at rehearsals, DUOS really has been the highlight of my university experience.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? Our concert at The Sage, Gateshead is a big project for this exec. I’m also excited to get the ball rolling on our next big project...!

NAME: Anna Davey

ROLE: Vice-President


DEGREE: Philosophy, 1st Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? The Vice-president assists the President with their duties, and helps out other members of the exec. My role also includes organising masterclasses with professional musicians and being heavily involved with the organisation of DUOS week in June, culminating in our extremely exciting concert at The Sage Gateshead. 

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Either my first chamber concert in the Great Hall of Durham castle, or playing Bernstein's Symphonic dances from Westside Story as it is one of my favourite pieces (with the best viola solo ever). 


Definitely either the Sage, Gateshead concert or the ball in DUOS week after exams. 

NAME: Samuel Napier-Smith

ROLE: Secretary


DEGREE: Philosophy, 1st Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My role involves managing exec meetings, taking absences, organising stash and much more!

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? My favourite moment in DUOS last year was watching the lovely Marcello demonstrate his perfect 'Mambo' shout in Bernstein's West Side Story. Such a diva...

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? This year I'm looking forward to hearing the results of two years under the same conductor and seeing how the orchestra can develop even further with a year already under the belt as it were.

NAME: Billy Crook

ROLE: Treasurer


DEGREE: Music, 1st year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Tracking the money that DUOS earns and spends

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? The first rehearsal of West Side Story was absolutely great 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? Having a vote on the repertoire that the orchestra plays


NAME: Dohyun Kim

ROLE: Librarian


DEGREE: Music, 1st year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My role as a librarian involves purchasing, organising and sorting out sheet music

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? My favourite moment would have been the Prague tour :( I still enjoyed rehearsing and performing Ravel's La Valse this term.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? I'm looking forward to meet more new wonderful musicians coming to Durham next year and playing more orchestral pieces

NAME: Alex Acomb

ROLE: Publicity Officer


DEGREE: Music, 2nd Year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? I organise online publicity for DUOS which includes Facebook and Instagram and the posters for the concerts. I also update the website so it has all the up to date information on it

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? The concerts have definitely been my favourite part of DUOS. From playing Mahler 5, to Rachmaninov No.2, to Beethoven 7, I have enjoyed every concert.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? I'm most looking forward to organising the social media, but also putting on more fantastic concerts!

NAME: Clara Falkowska

ROLE: Patrons and Alumni Secretary


DEGREE: English Literature, 1st year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? Patrons and Alumni Secretary - keeping Patrons and Alumni updated on all things DUOS, inviting them to concerts, letting them know how much we appreciate their support! 

FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? Dvorak New World Symphony - what a banger 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? I have met such lovely people in DUOS who have been so welcoming and helped to make my first year so wonderful - both musically and socially - and I hope I can do the same for new members next year!!

NAME: Elizabeth McCauley

ROLE: Sponsorship Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 1st year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? My role as sponsorship secretary involves seeking additional funding for the society in order to facilitate opportunities such as conducting masterclasses or performing at the Sage, Gateshead. This means applying to University run grants as well as reaching out to companies that may be willing to support the orchestras.
FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? There are so many to choose from! Im always excited to hear about the new rep we are playing as it is always so good! But my favourite part has definitely been playing with the incredible, like-minded friends I've met throughout the year.


NAME: Rosy Heneghan

ROLE: Social Secretary


DEGREE: Music, 1st year

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE INVOLVE? It involves a lot of organising, from putting together the DUOS ball to sorting out socials throughout the year to keep the sociable atmosphere of the orchestra. The social sec is also in charge of ensuring there is an afterparty following concerts in order to celebrate the hard work that everyone has put in. They also welcome the freshers each year to make them feel welcome in a new environment, as well as maintaining good welfare in the orchestra throughout the year.FAVOURITE MOMENT IN DUOS? So far this year I have really loved all the repertoire that the conductors have selected, especially that of Chamber, as it’s music people don’t really know but has been so good! Winning the Epiphany social was also pretty fun

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? Next year I am most looking forward to meeting new members of the orchestra, organising some fun socials and afterparties and music-making with talented musicians