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Join our Chamber orchestra for their first concert of this academic year!

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Saturday 7th December 2019 
8pm|Castle Great Hall

Welcome to the website of Durham University Orchestral Society, more commonly known as 'DUOS'. Our society consists of two orchestras: a full Symphony Orchestra and a smaller, elite Chamber Orchestra. We are unique amongst student orchestras across the country for being an entirely student-run society - where every member (players, conductors and executive committee) is a current student at Durham University. We have three main aims; to be two of the finest student orchestras in the country by striving for musical excellence, to be the highlight of every member's university experience, and to share our music-making with as many people as possible. Explore our website to learn how we are achieving these aims; for example, see reviews of past concerts and look out for future concerts to attend, watch us in action, and see how you can get involved as a player, conductor or supporter. Every member of DUOS loves making music - this ultimately guides everything we do and we hope this comes across!


If you have any queries please email orchestral.society@durham.ac.uk where we will be more than happy to assist.


Laura Cooper

DUOS President 2019-2020

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November 30th 2018 |  Durham Castle - Great Hall